Questions to Ask After Witnessing

INVITATION: Questions One Might ASK After Gospel Presentation:

  1. Does what I've said make sense? Whatever, I go ahead to No. 2.

  2. Have you ever done anything about it? Substitute for “it” the action verb you used in sharing the Gospel: “receiving,” “calling on the Name of the Lord,” “opening the door” of your heart or, “inviting Christ into your heart and life.”

  3. Is there any reason WHY you can't do something about it?
    (I sometimes skip this question and go right to question 4, if I feel the person is open and ready to pray. This question allows the person an out, or to bring up an excuse, or sometimes a legitimate reason why they can't accept Jesus Christ now.) I listen, and reply.

  4. Then wouldn't you like to receive Jesus now?
    (I say this believing they have heard the gospel, and are ready to receive Him.) When they say “Yes,” I either lead them in a prayer based on their “opening of my heart's door” from Rev. 3:20; or, ask them to pray out loud a prayer to acknowledge Jesus as their Savior and invite Him into their life, as you listen. Then you pray for them and their growth after their prayer.

  5. If their Bible is available, I ask them to write either beside Rev. 3:20 or on the bottom of that page in their Bible, the following sentence:
    “I opened my heart's door and received Jesus as my Lord and Savior.” with the date, and signed name. I give them the diagram on paper where I wrote the Bridge Illustration, and ask them to go over it, practice writing it out, and begin learning the verses. Then I ask: WHO may I pray for that you would love to tell about your commitment to Jesus?

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