Letters sent to Dr. Waylon B. Moore at Missions Unlimited in Tampa, Florida

Dr. Moore Teaching The “more than you know” refers to my just now completing a journey I began a few weeks ago, prayerfully reading through EVERY written word provided by your website with a hungry, recently renewed heart. I also listened to the interview and parts of messages by Bro. Bill and you online, even though my set up somehow required twice as long for them to be heard....did not hurt me a bit, though, actually caused me to absorb more deeply what was being shared, gave the Holy Spirit more time to stir my soul below the waterline. YOU'VE just invested many hours in my life through this online stewardship. THANK YOU!

Praying to consistently have a learner's heart, teachable spirit, pliable will, obedient life, accountable stewardship, and deeper love for Him. “When it rains it pours!”

      — In Him, the best place to be, Lynn McMasters, Texarkana

I love you dear brother. Thanks for your discipleship, mentoring and just being a good friend now for more than 20 years. I consider myself one of your boys. PTL.
      — Wade Akins, International Mission Board, Pioneer Evangelism

You are the man my father credits with teaching him how to witness when he was in high school . . . . He is now . . . working to help start churches across the USA and Canada. While I was in missiology class at seminary, Dr. Fray recommended your book Multiplying Disciples. God has used that to teach me and call me to help new Christians mature healthily . . . . You asked if our church has new Christians. YESSSS!! Two Sundays ago six were baptized at the ocean . . . . Our church is composed largely of new Christians or those returning to church after long absences. It's a joy to see God's Spirit work. It's also a leadership challenge . . . . Each person who is baptized receives a “Barnabas.” The “Barnabas” is encouraged to help the person through your book, First Steps, or Survival Kit.
      — Ellen O., church staff, Canada

Meeting up with you really changed my life. I'll explain. First at the Baptist Camp retreat in La Tuna. You know that we spent that day together, as I showed you around Punta del Leste. I had the desire to “rub souls” with you a bit, and we did this, as we sight-saw, ate passion fruit ice cream, etc. I remember you enjoyed it.

Then In Belo, the same time you were there with Henry Blackaby. (1998??)

You talked about Mentoring to the guys there. You said some things I'll never forget; “God does not have favorites, but he does have intimates. You can have as much of Him, as you want.” You then talked about your mentoring of other men over the years. I have extensive notes I have used since then, to help other guys.

You then said that you have an accountability partner (your son Bruce) and that upon getting back to the USA you would have to call him, and conferss to him one of your minor slipups.

That seemed (I must confess) ridiculous to me at that time, and I talked about it with another colleague. He too thought it was a strange idea.

About 2.5 years ago, when our middle son was 13 he began to struggle with sexual temptation, especially on TV and the internet.

I dealt with him a bit on this, and one day I caught him watching something on the computer he should not have. Remembering what you had taught there at Belo, I talked to him about entering into an accountability pact with me. I told him that these sorts of struggles are commen to most, if not all, Christian men. I told him of my own weaknesses, and sometimes slipups. We made a vow to every Monday AM, during our devotional time tell each other if we had broken the pact of accountability.

IT IS AMAZING. In 2.5 years I have been almost guilt and slipup free. He ministers to his 45-year-old dad!! The 2-3 times I have felt that I have broken the pact I have felt convicted of this, and have confessed it to him. He has then prayed for me. It is humbling to have this happen, so I am very careful to not slipup.

So what I am saying is this. Thanks for being real, for being vulnerable. Thanks for telling it like it is.

Now to finish. Last week I went to Brazil and there spent nearly a week talking about Leadership, and mentoring, with 11 folks (eight guys and three ladies) at a seminary there. It is a Master's level course. I took three of the guys I am mentoring with me. We slept in bunk beds all in the same room. We had a devotional time together each morning, as is our custom.

On the 11-hour drive I asked each of them this question. “How many nights do you think we have slept in the same room, over the years?” (Note that as we travel we sleep on the floors of churches, in camps, etc., all on matresses and sleeping bags, etc.)

Raul, he and I have been together 12 years, 250 nights we estimate. Tomas, eight years, 1000 nights. Luis, six years, 80 nights.

I have told them that my ministry is based on the model of Jesus, and especially what I learned from Mark 3:13-14. “And Jesus chose 12 so that he MIGHT BE WITH THEM, and send them out to preach.”

This we have practiced for 12 years on the mission field and the results and fruit keep pouring in.

In the class we tried to model this, as these guys, who have only been instructed in our Bible Institute and through discipleship and mentoring, even gave lectures and their testimonies to these men who were master's level.

Most of the students there have never been mentored nor are mentoring. Only two of the 11 have accountability partners.

I think the materials that we presented to them, and the life we modeled to them were revolutionary. Something they have NEVER SEEN. I was asked by three of the students, two who are denominational leaders, to come back and teach these same concepts to their leaders. I am prayerfully considering doing this. . . .

The class goes like this: We meet a week. Then they work on the assignments I gave them for six months. Then in February we again meet for a week and end the course. I am using a lot of the materials from your WWW site. I am endebted to you, for the time you have invested in my life.

I appreciate you brother,
      — Tim Kunkel, Missionary, Salto, Uruguay, South America, My team's web page.

One morning. . . , I went to the Pastor's conference in Knoxville expecting two things: Hear a speaker whom I knew nothing about, and fellowship with the other pastors. I received a serendipity at the meeting. I was motivated to memorize scripture along with the references. What a serendipity that was!! I've memorized 371 verses with references since hearing you! The Word of God had never meant so much to me, or affected me at such a deep level. Thanks for being God's spokesman.
      — Warm Regards, Jim P.

We have enjoyed receiving “Mentoring” all these years, and thank you for the Christian growth it affords us. Imagine — 12 years since we met . . . . Just wanted you to know how much the silent majority out here appreciates your work. . . .
      — E., Florida

Since 1970 you have been our mentors! Thank you for the principles that you have continued to emphasize. We have received the regular MENTORING and followed its instruction . . . . It has been a blessing to have you as partners in this venture.
      — T., Bangladesh

My name is David Reeves, a missionary who attended your MENTORING 2000 conference on my way to Honduras. I just wanted to say “thanks” because it has helped me in the following ways:
1.  Whenever I meet with someone, I'm going through the “5 P's” (of Mentoring) in my mind. It's a great help to make each meeting with guys productive.
2.  I kept my commitment to memorize two verses a week for nine weeks and have been working on your verses also in Living God's Word book (in Spanish).
3.  I found your son, Bruce's, talk on his experiences as your child incredibly valuable ; absolute gold! I'm trying to remember transparency in my family relationships, and ask their forgiveness when it's appropriate. Thanks so much for your investment in my life.

Waylon, Your message was right on target!
      — Florida Baptist Convention Executive

Since I was first acquainted with you and learned the biblical basics on mentoring, God led me in a busy pastorate to mentor men. Here is one story from what the Lord did this past year. Ben was a deacon who showed great hunger for the Lord. I mentored him for a year once a week.

He then began to mentor Mack, an African-American who had joined our fellowship. The church, seeing the growth and God's power in Mack's witnessing for Christ, elected him a deacon. God continued to work in Mack, and called him to preach. He will be our new mission pastor. Last week Mack baptized four people he led to Christ. About 16 others have professed faith in Christ through his ministry. It all began when I made a commitment to give time to mentor Ben. This . . . spiritual multiplication brings great joy to God's heart, and to mine.
      — Dr. Craig Price, AR ( used by permission )

In 1983 you spoke at Shocco Springs, Ala. That student weekend had a trementous impact on my life. I made a new commitment, and it turned my life around. I'll never forget your invitation. You said: “Many of you have put a period mark by your commitment. You need to erase that period and let God lead you further, now!” I did. And God called me to preach; I'm now pastoring. Thank you.
      — Rev. Joel Newton

. . . Your message on discipleship may be the best I have heard in many, many years. You certainly have a heart for mentoring and helping people begin and complete their journey.
      — Bill Carmichael, May 2001

Dr. Moore, I've met a number of older pastors who commented on my excitement for the Word and the Gospel: “When you get older you'll get over it, just like us.” And I was so afraid to get old. Then you spoke and your passion for Christ and the Word came through like fire, and I knew they were wrong. Thank you for being faithful and giving me hope for the future.
      — Pastor, May 2001

I will forever be grateful to God for you and your ministry. As a result of reading New Testament Follow-Up, I began to see the imperative nature of conserving evangelistic results. Consequently, I'm writing my Ph.D. dissertation on [that topic].
      — L., Alabama

Certainly God has had his hand upon you and your ministry. . . . [My wife], the children, and I are going through Living God's Word and are greatly enjoying the study.
      — Florida Physician

Thanks for the 1,000 copies of Power of a Mentor. We are giving these out in chapel. A colleague and I are meeting to discuss further the mentoring groups. Your contribution [in teaching “Mentoring Mandate” to our faculty] continues to have impact.
      — Dr. Daryl Eldridge, Dean, School of Christian Education, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, TX

[Re: mentoring in theological education] We have felt a critical need to find pastor/teachers who will take a student for practical work and let the student just “shadow” him everywhere he goes. Most pastors who will accept students for practical work push them out to . . . take on a ministry he does not want to be bothered with. We are trying to get all of our church planters paired in teams (which I think is a more Bibical model than the lone ranger approach . . . of course even the Lone Ranger had Tonto along didn't he?). The only place where Paul did not leave a church was Athens, where “some believed,” and where he had stayed alone from the rest of the team. We need practitioners in the classroom as well as publishers.
      — Missionary, Central America

I would like to say a personal thank you for your support of the Timothy-Barnabas Pastor's School . . . . Thank you for the material that you donated to all the pastors . . . . May the Lord continue to bless your ministry.
      — B. L., pastor, NC (Note: The generosity of our supporters enabled us to send 100 copies of Power of a Mentor as a gift to these younger pastors.)

I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for the mentoring material that [you] . . . sent to give to the students at my Timothy/Barnabas School. We had 122 students from 20 states, and it was greatly blessed by God.
      — J.H., pastor, GA

Let me . . . express my deep appreciation of the contribution you made to my life in affirming the principles of mentoring and discipleship. I serve in Mission Service Corps, interim pastoring, and still feel a need to continue mentoring.
      — R.L., Home Mission Board staff

You are a TEACHER-PAR-EXCELLENCE! A Master Communicator! . . . Your teaching will result in some radical changes. . . . The staff is grateful for the extra time you gave them on Friday morning. You “fired” them up.
      — Florida Education Minister

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