Mentoring and Bible Study For Families

    Studying Proverbs click here
Practical Projects for Family Growth
Exposing our children to the riches of the Wisdom of Proverbs is
a strong step forward to growing a wise child. We watch the
dramatic changes in their lives when people apply or break
these simple, short exhortations to wisdom.

    Children's Bible Memory Verses click here
Introduce your child to the Christ-centered life
as he memorizes 95 select verses about Jesus Christ in four topics:
His Commands, His Salvation, His Attitudes, His Person and Nature.

    Training Children click here
We expand a Key Verse for Training Children and
through three areas in three levels of relationship to God.

    Fun With the Family click here
We give you an expansive list of ideas for year-round family fun
in a Christian family atmosphere. We show you details
which open communication in seven major areas that
are so vital for Christian family living today.

    Getting to Know God click here
A 52-week study, listing the Names of Jesus Christ.
We suggest four specific steps to guide you
as you study His Names and the Scripture references for each.

    A Method for Witnessing to Children click here
Learn how to use the Wordless Book as a tool in witnessing
to children, or adults. No one needs to be able to read,
just look and listen to the Wordless Book to hear about Jesus Christ.

    God's Pattern for the Home click here
Study the plan God has for your home and marriage.
This study looks at The Husband and The Wife separately and
studies what the Bible has to say about their relationship to each other.

    Growing Together as a Family click here
Requiring some thought on the part of all, this study includes
the whole family and the relationships each has with the others.
You will answer What and Why questions.

    Winning Over Temptation click here
This study leads us to develop a holy hatred for sin,
even though our mind will play tricks on us. Sin says
we can get away with it; God has the last word.

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