How To Start Mentoring

by Dr. Waylon B. Moore

You have been exposed to different mentoring tools that help others grow in their walk with Jesus Christ. In this Bible Study Tool, I will use a couple of my books — First Steps, based on the Gospel of John, and Living God's Word, practical lessons for applying scripture to your life.

You may recruit a few people and mentor them individually, or start a very small group (four to eight). I don't recommend you start with a group larger than that. Bible study is more fun with a group. Those you mentor need to make a commitment to the process. Many have found a written commitment, which both of you sign, very helpful. It should tell what you plan to do together, when you commit to meet, and for how long. You must model what you want the mentoree to do. This three-track guide starts with a three-month commitment.

To begin with, choose one track of my three-track system. After the initial period of three months, together with your mentoree choose another track, or if they have shown faithfulness, move into Inductive Bible Study. This requires after the initial Psalms studies a growing time of study that may involve two or more hours weekly.

Discuss: will you commit to an average of 30 minutes a day, or at least two hours weekly, for reading, searching, writing, and meditation to apply the scripture text?

Learning skills involves mentoring by the coaching or discipling methods. We help a mentoree over a problem, teaching them the “hows” of enlarging their private devotional life in Christ. One also teaches some simple spiritual disciplines, i.e. “tools” to encourage their ministry; we must do ministry together. After some months you may want to involve some new mentorees, or deepen training and ministry with your old mentorees.

Remember, choose one track to begin with!

Track 1 — Entry Level

Track 2 — Medium Level

Track 3 — More Advanced

Living God's Word (six weeks): Do Chapter Analysis (STS) Inductive Bible Study (see here) (six weeks). Then ask for a new commitment. Remember , mentoring involves deepening relationships, not just study. Begin with
  1. Psalm 1
  2. Psalm 23
  3. 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10
  4. Complete the book a half chapter a week. Then do Philippians. Mix in Biographical and Word Studies. May I help you with these? Write me at

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