31 Stupendous Ways to Show Love to Your Pastor

by Dr. Waylon B. Moore

1 – PRAY for pastor and family by name, daily.
2 – Give him a book, video, tape, or CD.
3 – Remember his birthday with "folding money"! (Pastor: Write a thank-you note; don't just say “Thanks”).
4 – Offer to keep their kids overnight.
5 – Ask pastor to share his dreams or vision for the church with you. Promise to pray.
6 – Don't ask pastor's wife to prepare food for Sunday School fellowships. She attends multiple socials.
7 – If the time comes when you can't give at least a cost of living raise, grant him a week's extra vacation.
8 – Take sermon notes. Don't say, “I enjoyed the sermon.” Be SPECIFIC!
9 – Buy him a suit. Add a tie and shirt of his choice.
10 – Offer your condo or motor home for a couple days.
11 – Take offering or budget a trip to Holy Land for pastor's 5th Anniversary.
12 – Don't call him at supper-time or on his day off.
13 – Send his family and kids balloons, plants, flowers.
14 – Improve the working environment in his office!
15 – Help him get free so he can take a full day off weekly!
16 – Phone or fax pastor with a word of thanks.
17 – Give him a dining-out gift certificate, with note.
18 – Celebrate his wedding anniversary.
19 – Do baby-sitting for pastor's family; or hire someone.
20 – Bring in a professional house cleaner, or have their cars detailed — just because!
21 – Have 7-8 minutes of testimonies for pastor's anniversary in morning service.
22 – Form a Pastor's Prayer Partners on Sunday a.m.
23 – A group take pastor/wife for an “appreciation” dinner — anytime!
24 – At Christmas, team with others to give a significant gift. My watch is from a generous deacon group.
25 – Include in church budget an item for pastor's new books and tapes. Help his outside stimulation grow.
26 – Give his wife fast-food, or restaurant coupons.
27 – Bring over a food gift, or whole meal.
28 – Ask pastor for privilege of doing some ministry, chore, or need he can suggest.
29 – Pay for pastor's wife to attend a convention or Bible Conference with husband.
30 – Take pastor's wife with friends for lunch.
31 – Make sure his salary and benefit package is toward the top of that for churches your size! Your church will pay the next pastor a lot more, just for being new!

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