How to Memorize Scripture — So You'll Never Forget

by Dr. Waylon B. Moore

Here are eight simple suggestions that will aid you to successfully memorize and recall hundreds of verses almost instantly:

  1. Plan & Prepare
  2. Passage
  3. Paste the Reference
  4. Phrase by Phrase
  5. Perfect
  6. Partner
  7. Ponder
  8. Persistence

And, here's how I apply each suggestion in memorizing Scripture so that I never forget!

More than one person has asked me, “Give me your best 100 verses.” There are 31,176 verses in the Bible, and all are inspired and profitable. However, through Scripture memory and application, the Lord has especially used certain verses to mark my past and shape my future. With some reluctance I've selected my top 100 “gold nuggets,” from the staggering wealth of God's Word — His “goldmine.”

Click here to see a listing of My Favorite 100 Best Memory Verses from His goldmine. They are arranged by topic with links to topics and verses. Each verse, at its link, is quoted in the New International Version and each topic has its verses quoted together, at its link, to facilitate your memorizing. Download them or print them for easier memorizing. Don't forget to look each verse up in your own Bible to read the context.

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