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Christian Mentoring: Equipping Believers To Evangelize, Nurture, Disciple and Multiply

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Written and Edited by Dr. Waylon B. Moore
Founder and President of Missions Unlimited

Making Discipleship Work:

What numbers do you find worth counting, worth keeping track of? For instance, can you find any records in your church, association, or Christian organization of the number of new disciples built over the past year? Some persons might say “I abhor numbers,” while other ministries track every statistic. . .
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New Year
New Attitudes
New You

Nick Herman started his first career in the army and later got a position as a dishwasher. . . . . Washing dishes for 14 hours a day, the ho-hum of pots and pans, he endured the noise of shouting cooks . . . . Then Nick made a decision, an attitude change. He chose to bring God into the kitchen! He began to wash dishes as a way to show love for the Lord. Everything changed. . . .
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Great Mentors I Have Known:
Went Home: 7/21/08

My first lesson from mentor Charlie was the way he handled a major crisis. A Texas millionaire, interested in the follow-up ideas he had heard from Daws Trotman, had offered to support someone to teach discipleship and spiritual growth for three years in Ft. Worth. On that promise Charlie was asked to move to Texas. . . .
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Winning the Battle from Decisions to Disciples

“As new born babes, desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby, if indeed you have tasted that the Lord is gracious” (1 Peter 2:2, 3 NKJV). Growing from a conversion decision to a mature disciple takes time. We must stand against the forces of evil outside, and the flesh in the church. Disciples are made not born. . . . (read more of this Newsletter here. You will need the Adobe Reader for this Newsletter.)

The Power of Insignificance

Do you like Trivial Pursuit? Ok, quick -- what was the name of the servant whom God used to launch David towards Kingship? That was an unfair question: the servant was apparently too insignificant to name; however, he was a critical link in God?s plan. That servant gave an unbelievably faithful, PR recommendation to King Saul . . . (read more of this Newsletter here. You will need the Adobe Reader for this Newsletter.)

Why You Should Mentor Now

This year?s Superbowl was especially delightful for the tens of thousands of fans in Tampa where I live -- Coach Tony Dungy won! We had suffered when he was fired from the Bucs, but thousands of us have continued praying for him. We thrilled at his winning seasons with the Colts, and now this Ultimate Win. Pages of newsprint grew about the Christian testimony of the coach, his family?s home in Tampa, and his connections to Idlewild and Central Tampa Baptist Churches. . . . (read more of this Newsletter here. You will need the Adobe Reader for this Newsletter.)

Instant Mentor

What if you're desperate to find that illusive mentor? Hungry men and women have shared with me the difficulty of finding someone who has both the time to invest and has a strong track record of living for Jesus over the years. Know what? You can find a great mentor this week. You'll discover your new mentor's record of believing God, experiencing Christ's power in times of crisis, and his answers to prayer. . . (read more of this Newsletter here.)

Iron Sharpens Iron

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17 (NIV)

I grew up wealthy and didn't know it. I was rich with 32 first cousins to play with and get to know. Things were tough in my childhood. There was little money. Only nickles or dimes in those days for a kid who lost a tooth. My Dad bartered music lessons for food and things we needed. . . .
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The Essence of Mentoring

Names are important. Let's look at a man who was nicknamed, “Barnabas.” His name means “Encourager,” “Son of Consolation.” His real name was Joses, or Joseph. Some people are encouragers — some are discouragers. . . .
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Pocketful of Miracles

With a new year before us, we will need a “Pocketful of Miracles,” as film director, Frank Capra described one of his heart-warming movies. Let's look at fresh ideas for 2005 — a pocketful of spiritual nuggets that the Holy Spirit can use to make miracles happen. I'm praying that the Lord will fill your heart with more than one of these!
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Reverse Mentoring

The concept of “reverse mentoring” . . . is valuable at any age, but especially powerful when an older leader is open to learn from someone with ability outside the leader's immediate circle. I've been surprised, being asked to do reverse mentoring with some leaders over me. My life has also been enriched as a receiver of reverse mentoring from younger men whom God placed in my path and ministry. Are you open to reverse mentoring?
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How To Mentor Character Into Others # 1

Teacher and Mentor, Dr. Howard Hendricks talked about the necessity for good mentors this way: “The greatest crisis today is the crisis in leadership. And the greatest crisis in leadership is the crisis of character. Character is the result of four things:
1) The choices you make;
2) The values you embrace;
3) The crisis you experience;
4) The mentor you choose.”
Do you have a mentor, a mentoree? . . . .
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How To Mentor Character Into Others # 2

The greatest golfer of them all was probably Bobby Jones. As an amateur, he won so many honors and tournaments that he retired at the young age of 28. Bobby had played 14 years of incredible, superlative golf. Grantland Rice, the famous sports writer, called him “a man in 10 million.” He conquered a . . . .
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Mentored By The Prince of Preachers

by Fred Smith,
Leadership Magazine
Champions learn to play hurt. A successful Jewish businessman once remarked to me, “Amateurs can produce when they feel like it. Pros can produce when they don't feel like it.” Spurgeon, like many great accomplishers, fought with a thorn in his flesh.
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A Simple Step to Mentoring

What could be important to bring together the minds and money of Harvard University, ABC (Disney), CBS (Viacom), Fox News Corp., NBC (GE), and several divisions of AOL Time Warner? They have linked together behind a common goal: to get the idea of mentoring into the mainstream of American life. . . .
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Have A Mentoring Workshop in Your Bible-study Group or Church Today!

Here's the
“How-To” Manual

Equipping Mentors
Equipping Mentors

A Whole Conference for
Home Groups or Leadership Training.

Deepen leadership, inspire potential leaders, move groups to growth and outreach.

Have A Mentoring Workshop in Your Bible-study Group or Church Today!

Begin with your staff, then key church or leadership group now!

This is the delightful, dynamic “how” we all wantso practical. Get a complete workshop for your TV or computer, in 3-camera digital DVD.
Our main speakers are experienced pastor-mentors:
Dr.Waylon B. Moore – author: Living God's Word, Multiplying Disciples, Power of a Mentor, First Steps, Building Disciples Toolbook.

Dr. William Steeger, formerly IMB missionary in Africa; Led Bible Department, Ouachita Baptist University; Pastor, FBC Beech Street, Texarkana, AR.

Here are some of the 16 message titles:
  • Reproducing Jesus' Private Ministry – Dr. Waylon Moore
  • The Thessalonian Mentoring Model – Dr. Moore
  • Word-Centered Mentoring – Dr. Bill Steeger
  • Mentoring From a Distance – Dr. Steeger
  • The Cross and Mentoring – Dr. Moore
  • Five Basics for Mentoring – Dr. Moore
  • Students Mentoring Students – Rev. Bob Magruder
Contact Us for Details.

‘First Steps’
Free PDF in Portuguese

Os Primeiros Passos,
agora em portugu?s. Fundamentos Simples para Fortalecimento Espiritual


Mentoring is a brain to pick, a shoulder to cry on, a push in the right direction. – Richard Tyre.

Mentoring is a dynamic relationship of trust in which one person enables another to maximize the grace of God in his/her life and service. – John Mallison.

And I would add to this last great definition the one word “deliberate.” – Waylon Moore.


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Dr. Moore's Wife Called Home

Dr. Clemmie Moore, Dr. Waylon Moore's beloved wife, was called Home to be with Christ, January 6th. A Celebration of Life service was held January 9th at Tampa Baptist Church.

The family thanks you for your cards and phone calls which are such an encouragement to them.


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